Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Completed !

Apologies are owed by me by the bucket load to those lovely people who have commented on my last post. I've behaved like a savage and have not replied - I will, I will - later today when I have a couple of hours peace and quiet planned.
 I have finally finished off the rainbow triangle - it morphed into a mini quilt wall hanging - with a choice of aspect - our family name begins with A so I made a sleeve for one side and stitched a ring onto the back of the opposite point - I feel that it needs the weight of a dowel to hold it hanging flat - with a little more weight at one end to level it ! The tiny ladybird isn't quite heavy enough to do the job alone. I'm still thinking . . . . . .

The dowel could be used for haging the other way, but it doesn't look quite right to me like that.

I have also taken the little scrappy log cabins to a finish - they have become a knitting bag. I hate it. I think it's because I really cannot learn to love lilac and mauve and, that piece of  plain fabric had been growling at me from a dark recess for so long !!! I thought it might set off the pretty colours of the log cabins. Anyway - here's the result -

I even suffered the mauve long enough to make the little pincushion. I found some lovely big shiny pins recently and thought that they'd do very well for holding knitting together while sewing. I am very pleased with the way it all went together though !
 Biggest problem ? To find it a home !

Next ? Convert some blue 'finds' into something - I discovered a lot of blue four-patches, joined them up into thirtysix patches and then got stuck. I shall probably make them into a pillow sham to go with the very dodgy quilt I made for the spare bed. I have learned a lot since that was completed !!!!!

I have an ambition to make a quilt tablecloth for the garden soon but can't decide on a colour scheme. Knowing my ability to procrastinate summer will be long gone before that ever materialises !

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Sarah said...

You've been doing some lovely things! Puppy love must be a good influence :-)