Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday - some fun things.

I've finally got a little sewing done this week.
I began by making a bag - I really liked the design of this one so made a trial effort and like it even more, I wonder what fabrics I'll use for the next one ! They will be specially purchased instead of raiding the stash.

I used this pattern - from Noodlehead and it went together like dream ! I did choose to use wadding (batting)  instead of interfacing for the 2 main pieces - to quilt it I used some very fine muslin and then lined the bag in the usual way, it worked fine and I do like the feel of a quilted bag.

The main fabric is darker in reality than than it appears here. The inside was made from a piece that was one of those 'why ever did I buy that?' bits  -

but it does the job quite adequately !

After that I set about some yellow - found some scraps and made some more triangles -

They're mounting up now and should be enough for something quite large by year's end. I shall probably make more yellow ones this week - I've still got plenty of scraps left.

Then I started off on a really scrappy jaunt - anything goes into tiny (3.5" to finish at 3") log cabin blocks. They may be made into another bag for knitting, possibly for a friend's b'day that is coming up soon.

There are 12 blocks, very primitive log cabin style, in this piece that's 18.5" long. As you can see I am restricting my colours to mostly pretty pastels - so it's not quite so 'in your face' contrasty as my more usual schemes!

Have a great weekend - we're still waiting on the weather !!!!!!!


Quilter Kathy said...

I eagerly anticipate your scrappy triangle will be amazing!

Edith said...

Visiting from Soscrappy, lovely yellow triangles. I love the name and subtitle for your blog.

Edith said...

Visiting from Soscrappy, lovely yellow triangles. I love the name and subtitle of your blog.

scraphappy said...

What a great collection of scrappy blocks. Can't wait to see how they all turn out.

vtquilter said...

Love the triangles! That is quite a pile you are growing each month.