Saturday, 7 July 2012

Blue ?

 Blue ? Yes I can do some blue ! I love blue in all shades so this month looks very happy to me !
I had already made up some orphan 9 patch blocks into this pillow sham for the spare bed, same on both sides apart from the buttons being on the front only. It uses up the small leftovers from the quilt on the bed which was an early rare bed size quilt from me,which has issues but is serviceable !
I also had a compulsion to make a tiny dumpling pouch with a bluebird on it. That's gone to a friend's small granddaughter and seems to be being loved and carried everywhere with her ! That makes me happy too !

The bluebird is about 3" long. The pouch is really small.

Last night and today we have had severe weather warnings and they were justified - at least 2.5" - 3" inches of rain fell in the night and there was a gale blowing too ! It's rained all day and the cloud has been sitting right on top of us - living at the top of the hill, not too far from the cliffs means that we are often in low cloud. It was worth going down the hill to town tho' to admire the spalshes by the railway station this morning - the trains were very well washed by the time they reached Teinmouth !

The footbridge over the tracks is the height of a 2 storey house and the water was splashing way higher than that !

You can see the cloud on top of the cliffs here
Just a short walk from home.

The brook that runs throught the centre of town filled and overflowed - you can see that there is a footpath along in front of the the benches - impassable this morning ! The water looks like milk chocolate because the soil here is very red - and it stains quite badly ! Something to do with iron oxide and this area having been a desert (????) long long ago ! No desert now !
Have a lovely weekend !

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