Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I wonder ?

I do wonder how old this reel of thread is. It's the treasure I discovered in Gran's sewing box. Sadly she is now too forgetful to answer my questions so I have to make an educated guess that the big old reel of linen thread is cobblers thread - all one might use it for in the ordinary way would be hand sewing buttonholes - and this has been used on a sewing machine. Gran never had a sewing machine but I do know that she and Grandpa knew a cobbler. So . . . as the mother of two boys I can well imagine some very strong thread for sewing on buttons etc would be handy ! The two boys were born at either end of WWII so economy in all things was the ethic.

I put the modern thread beside for scale and contrast - those old wooden reels were so much more satisfying to handle, and collectors items now too ! I felt very reluctant to put the thread back where it belongs - but I did !

I'm working hard on my BQ3 quilt - in my head ! Eventually something will appear here and on flickr !

Happy 4th July to all our US friends today !

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