Tuesday, 10 July 2012

My universe is expanding

and more stars are being formed -

I'm extra pleased with this one -

it has 40 pieces altogether and measures 6.5" - to finish at 6" in the quilt. That's fiddly !

The stars are multiplying because I'm having so much fun making them, and it beats housework every time !

There should be plenty of THAT going on - our pup, Joey, is now 6 months old, is growing incredibly fast and is turning into a very handsome dog if somewhat messy in this wet weather -

He's got a nice line in ripping up cardboard boxes (no damage indoors) and
 also likes keeping guard from the sitting room window -

It's upstairs and he has a great view down the street ! Not quite so good for the sofa but - he's an only child  and is totally spoiled by DH if not by me ! He's worth it - I'm getting fitter by the day where we go on frequent long brisk walks !

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