Tuesday, 17 July 2012

New toy (and a rant !)

Here's the new (to me) toy. It's a 1954 singer 201k semi industrial machine, and it runs like a dream ! Best of all it has a huge throat - at least 2" wider and taller than my my normal white Elna that I use when at home in Bedfordshire, so you can guess that I'm a very happy bunny ! Bargain price too !!!!!
The downside was that there was only one bobbin with it - no problem, I thought, I'll buy a few more when I go to the LQS. I bought some - right sort and everything, brought them home and - - - -  not one would fit the machine ! On closer inspection I could see why - very badly shaped and - - - - EXPENSIVE ! Not worth taking back as LQS is several miles drive away so I've had to shelve my principles for now !

The worst bobbin -

-you can see the fault along the upper edge in the photo.

Be warned - this is the brand -
I shall not buy this brand of anything again - that pack held three bobbins, all faulty, and I bought two packs !

After that debacle I repaired to the dressmaking shop at the bottom of the high street on the off-chance that they might have some to fit. They had a box full of jumbled bobbins, many varieties, and yes they had some the same size as my single bobbin from the machine ! 25 pence each ! And they fit perfectly. I live and learn ( what I'm not quite sure - but that may be old age !)


mammafairy said...

Really annoying when that happens!I find Singer bobbins have to go in Singer machines, other machines may be a lot more co-operative! And a girl cannpt have too many bobbins can she?
I think I am slihtly green over that old Singer of yours, I have a 25-30 year old Singer, but have got a more modern Bernina, a year ago, which is lovely. But that wide throated baby looks a dream!

heart of charnwood said...

How funny, i have a 201k too, but its the brown version, and its brilliant, the throat space makes it loads easier for quilting! I bought exactly the same bobbins as spares and they didn't fit, same brand and everything, total cheaply made rubbish. Glad you managed to see you found some spares tho! Angela