Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Slow, and slower,

That's my blogging life at present. Apologies to anyone who has commented and not received a reply - my life has been complicated by minor computer problems, life itself and the general lack of a precious item known as a 'round tuit' !
Quite a lot of work has been done on the mini quilt for BQS 3 - but I'm not revealing that 'till it's in the post - I want to try and go with the spirit of secrecy !
I have made a mug rug which intrigued me -

The button holds the loop onto the mug rug or -

the strap loops round the handle of the mug for identification in classroom or meeting ! Rather fun I thought !
I found the idea and instructions in an email promotion for Quilting Daily recently. Sorry, I can't give a link - because it's an email.

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Judith, Belfast said...

Ahhh! Mine all mine! Jxo