Tuesday, 7 August 2012

There was a delay.

I think it was caused by July. July is always a busy month for this family, we have three important birthdays and our own wedding anniversary, our son's wedding anniversary and, no longer celebrated, Gran's wedding anniversary. One very memorable year we celebrated our silver wedding, both our children's birthdays (one 21st) and Gran & Grandpa's golden wedding, all within 10 days ! No timing had been planned ahead - it just fell out that way !

I have at least managed to complete the long squishy for the box in the bay window. It has issues - considerable ones, but it does the job and I learned a LOT !
I've also managed to nearly finish my mini for BQS 3 - I'm not showing too much yet, all will be revealed at posting time but here's a little taster -
and the corner-

still in progress but all finished now bar the label.

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