Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A liitle of this and that

My days have been very full recently, small g'son and bigger g'son needing feeding and loving combined with one of our regular relocation exercises ! By yesterday morning I was too weary to go to the shops for something tasty to go with a cuppa for viisitors and it seemed like less trouble to make my own shortbread biscuits ! 
I did manage to find a little time to greet and commune with my sewing machine - the big old Singer - oh I do love that beauty ! Several days after the end of the turquoise month I finally got a few triangles put together and added them to the growing pile - I'm looking forward to making something with the whole collection at the beginning of next year. This month is orange - a tricky colour for me as I have a very small stash and an equally small collection of scraps ! I'll see what I can do !
Meantime I'm trying to arrange some formal training for Joey - he's very big and strong now and is very determined to get everywhere first - it's causing my back a few problems ! This is the first dog I've had to do this with - and I've brought up quite a few before ! I think the biggest difficulty is age related - my age - at 70+ energy runs out much sooner !

Here he is on lookout duty.

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