Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A new project, as if I should ! I couldn't resist the urge to have a go at making some tiny blocks from the Farmers Wife quilt book.
I decided on some colours that to me look very old fashioned, hopnig that it'll make a small lap quilt suitable for a gentleman - who knows, but it's certainly keeping my brain busy sizing the pieces to cut ! This is to be  longer term project to fit in as and when I can spare some time or get 'the urge' !!!

progress so far - 

These blocks finish up at 6.5" before joining. They are really quite small and a finished quilt will take some time to materialise !

Another fresh project is a request from my DiL for something to hang on the wall to tidy some of the stuff from her kitchen worktops. They've recently moved house and there are a few items making life awkward by refusing tosettle properly into sensible places !
DiLasked fro bight colours so I had a lovely time searching the web for suitable makings. This is what I came up with -
The blue is from my meagre stash and fits in quite well, the others that I ordered online. I am very pleased with them.Now the fun of designing and making begins !!!

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