Thursday, 27 September 2012

Distracted ?

I most definitely have been lately. Distracted from blogging that is. I'm trying to train the wayward pup by taking him to classes - he's so big now and a bit too boisterous for some ! He's still gorgeous though and really making the most of his 'teenage' time at 8.5 months ! The training has to be pretty intensive - repeat each lesson several times a day and then maybe it will sink in - some is, some isn't but we'll persevere.

Our handsome lad.

Tiny blocks

A fair bit of sewing has been going on too, no big, or even small finishes, but progress on various projects is coming along. Tiny blocks are still being produced every now and then, and granny block prettiness is coming along fine. I'm taking both slowly anyway - there's no need to rush and the fabric pennies disappear more slowly - work too fast and if you've only got a small stash it's all gone in a trice !

Pretties.I'm using a roll of Kaffe Fasset pastels for this, with some plains and a ground of quilter's calico (American muslin) for a countryfied look.

Orange triangles from scraps are being made too. again slowly because I need a round tuit for those !

Plenty to go on with !

Two so far, maybe some more to come tomorrow.

 Here's hoping for some better weather for dog training today, he just would'nt 'sit' in the puddles yesterday !

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