Monday, 19 November 2012

Christmas trees,

with a difference. I was 'cruising' around the net when I came across a delightful wall hanging on which featured a Christmas tree, with 3D flying geese.You probably all know about these, but they were a new idea for me and I thought 'great - what if ?' and checked out Ricky Timms' site for the 'how to'.

I promptly set to work and here are the results - the pockets made by the flying geese to be filled with sweet stuff for Christmas - fattening but fun !

No 1


No 3

No 4
There's one more, not finished, because I made such a hash of the quilting that I had to take it out and have run out of the right thread ! I am now waiting for supplies so here's the quaint picture of it hung on a rose against the wall -

No 5

By the way, the sweets are small, from  fun size packs. I worked on 6" squares as a base for the flying geese. I really enjoyed making them,they were so simple but did eat fabric like no tomorrow !A...nd No 2 is smaller, made using some of a charm pack.

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