Tuesday, 20 November 2012


in several areas lately. I seem to have a little more mojo again !
The 'pretties' - granny squares - are still increasing in number, the more I make the better I like them, a win-win situation
The colours are a  bit on the pale side here, I had to use flash, but it's enough to get the idea.

I've also started making some bow tie blocks. I found a heap of 2.5" squares lurking in the bottom of a box and thought 'why not ? ' They make into tiny 4" finished blocks , but those then make into nice sized 9 patch blocks ! They're really addictive and it's fun to see how many different fabrics I can put into one project. They all have a light(ish) cream/beige base for cohesion.

Again, the colour is too pale, and the pile has grown a lot since I took the photo on Sunday ! I'm not going to make any more 9 patches until I have a bigger selection of bow ties, I just made the one to test the system.

Also I have the rest of the Christmas charm pack to use up - decisions, decisions !!!

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