Thursday, 17 January 2013

On the road again

Yesterday was the day for moving to our home in Devon. We had had some snow in Bedfordshire on Monday and it was still hanging about waiting for the next fall (due overnight tonight). The morning was foggy, well misty, and very cold - -5C - so there was a lot of beautiful hoar frost making everywhere look a bit like fairyland. If only the sun had shone - the world is magical on those rare mornings ! Not complaining about the view through the windscreen as it was.

After driving for 4 hours the outside temperature was up to +5C - it felt quite balmy, but by this morning the dampness had taken the cold to my old bones and it seemed colder than it had up country ! 

As for sewing - little has been achieved over recent weeks - short days, festive holidays and grandsons seem to have taken all my energy. A day or two of rest and maybe I'll find my mojo again !

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