Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bad blogger, busy woman !

It's been ages since I last wrote here, life kinda got in the way ! What with running between Devon and Bedfordshire (200 miles) etc, etc, the time slipped away !
I have finished off one smallish lap quilt though. I started this Jan 2012 as part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge run each year by http://superscrappy.blogspot.co.uk/.Needless to say I shall not be joining this year, I have too much other stuff to do !
 This is the one quilt I have finished this year, the hexies are scraps, one made each month, not always in the right colour because sometimes I didn't have ANY scraps in the required colour.
 It's backed with a fleece from Ikea, all in the spirit of scraps and economy. I prefer to back lap quilts with fleece, I find they are much more user friendly because they drape so nicely and are very comforting !

Here is myour next project.
 This is going to take some time to finish (with a lot of hired help). Above and below are two of the bedrooms, I know one looks like a kitchen but it's going to be a bedroom as it's meant to be.
This is some of the 1st floor (2nd to my transatlantic friends) of the house we live in in Bedfordshire. It has had a tenant living there - she's been living in the house since the end of WW2 and now, aged 90 has finally had to move into a care home. I'm so glad she'll be properly looked after - the upstairs has no heat and as old people can be, she was very difficult about anybody 'interfering' - I suspect I'm going the same way fast !
Any way, we're now selling up in Devon and are going to convert the bigger house back into one, the perfect project for two 70-somethings don't you think ?
I'll try and keep you posted on progress - so far all I've done is start wrecking the middle bedroom - and things are going to get an awful lot worse before they get better !

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