Wednesday, 1 May 2013

No pictures today,

just a few lines to keep things a bit up to date.

We're in the process of preparing to move all our stuff back to Bedfordshire in about 3 weeks, the house here in Devon has found buyers and, cross fingers and toes, all seems to be going smoothly. Plans and arrangements have to be made !
Luckily the weather is great at present, dry, cool and sunny so all those trips to the tip etc aren't too unpleasant. It's amazing how much junk can accumulate in 10 years !
Two weeks ago poor Joey was castrated, we had thought long and hard about the operation but slightly reluctantly went ahead on our vet's advice. He's recovered splendidly and his lovely personality is still just the same, he does seem just a little less wayward when out for walks, which really is a good thing ! On Easter Saturday I fell over, (I do sometimes), rather hard and cracked a rib or so. As you can imagine walking 30 kilos of very energetic dog on the other end of the lead was difficult ! All better now tho' and we're both enjoying our exercise again !

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