Monday, 3 June 2013

Madness - or greed ?

Bit of both I think !
I already possessed FOUR sewing machines. That I excused by living in two homes at the same time. One old straight stitch singer and one zig-zag in each house. Little red is really a child's machine but it's so portable - here.
For patchwork and really accurate straight stitch I prefer an old black Singer. Hence two - they're far too heavy to carry about all the time.
We have now sold the house in Devon in preparation for renovating the house in Bedfordshire. Much work will be involved and there will be times when I have nothing to do but there'll be no power. What's a woman to do ? People power of course  ! I searched ebay and found an old (1898) hand cranked machine and won the bidding ! For a very modest investment I am now the proud owner of a fifth machine and she's gorgeous ! A little oil etc and she runs really smoothly and her decoration is lovely - have a look-

The case with my old 201 behind.

Two lovely ladies side by side - there's a really noticeable difference in throat size - the 201 is much bigger !

The decals are in very good condition for a machine that's 115 yrs old !

It's been a while since I used a bobbin in a case like that ! Although I did learn to sew on one similar as a child.

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