Friday, 23 August 2013

Lo-o-o-ong time

since I found the mojo to write anything here.
My life became chaotic - we've moved from the house in Devon fully into the Bedfordshire home, and have set about converting from 2 flats back to the original house. Someday it will be lovely, I'm sure but for now we're living in a building site !
The hall, looking towards the front door. This was split to make two entrances insde the front door you can see here.
The kitchen is almost finished, the bathroom is almost finished, our bedroom is just waiting on new windows (as is the rest of the house) and the sitting room is at present untouched apart from a small amount of plumbing work in one corner. The dining room and spare bedroom are stuffed with things from Devon, the workroom/office is stuffed with things looking for a new home and all is covered with a thick, rich layer of dust !
The upstairs hall into the small bedroom which was formerly a kitchen.
Just so I have something else to think about I've bought myself a new sewing machine (yes, another - that's only six now !) - a Janome fancy affair that I can't wait to work on - I think I'm in love ! I can't, however, abandon the old black beauties, each one has a special place in my affections and I love them all. I think a long term holiday for two may be in order, one to each of my girls ! That'll make some space.
Our bedroom (now all done apart from the windows)

The littlest bedroom, since replastered and painted, just lacking carpet etc.

More pictures and info to follow when I have time to find them, even the contents of my computer seem to have got into a mess !

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